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president's report giving 2006 homecoming lion tracks winter 2006 


a report from the 

Him we preach, warning every man 

and teaching every man in all wisdom, 

that we may present every man perfect 

in Christ Jesus. 

(Colossians 1:28). 

At the heart of keeping the 
main thing the main thing 
for any ministry or organiza- 
tion is its mission. As Christians who 
seek to keep the main thing the main 
thing in our daily lives, we can find 
divine direction in Paul's letter to the 
Colossians. There Paul challenges us 
to allow the person of 
Jesus Christ to capture all 
of our being — our ambi- 
tions, our jobs, our educa- 
tion, our families. As 
Christians who bear the name of 
Christ, our main thing is to exalt the 
name of Christ. 

We have a responsibility to walk 
worthy of the name Christian. Paul 
describes Jesus Christ as (1) the cre- 
ator of this world, (2) the redeemer 
of mankind, and (3) the sustainer of 
all things. As God and Savior, His is 
the only name worthy of exaltation, 
and He is the One that we are privi- 
leged to serve. The main thing at 
Bryan College is education — prepar- 
ing students to exalt the name of Christ in 
whatever vocation they pursue. 

Based on Colossians 1:28, we have •The International Assembly for 

the responsibility to warn and teach in Collegiate Business Education award- 

all wisdom, bringing our students to 
maturity. Our role is to help our stu- 
dents ferret out error and false teach- 
ing, and to educate (lead and disciple) 
our students in walking in wisdom — 
living in a way that reflects a biblical 
world and life view. Paul said that 
this is a process, helping our students 
on toward maturity in Christ. 

Becoming servants of Christ and 
making a difference in the world goes 
well beyond being just words in our 

We have a responsibility to walk 
worthy of the name Christian." 

mission statement — it is the goal we 
seek daily. We pursue a Christ-cen- 
tered education for our students not 
only in the classroom, but also in the 
community, on the basketball court, 
on the theatre stage, and in the resi- 
dence halls. 

In this issue of Bryan Life we wish 
to express our sincere thanks to all 
those whose gifts enable Bryan 
College to live out its mission. 
Because of the contributions of our 
faithful friends, the college has experi- 
enced a wonderful year of growth and entering college), 
increasing educational opportunities: For the twelfth consecutive year, 

ed the business department special- 
ized accreditation in business adminis- 
tration, economics /finance, manage- 
ment, management information sys- 
tems, business management, organiza- 
tional management, and music admin- 

• Our first-ever graduate program, 
the Masters of Business Administration, 
enrolled its first 14 students; our 
Aspire program enrolled over 250 stu- 
dents; and our 
online distance 
learning program 
enrolled 31 stu- 
dents. These 

programs allow us to extend our 
influence beyond the borders of our 
Dayton campus and to unashamedly 
promote a biblical worldview in new 

• Our fall semester enrollment of 
920 students includes 641 traditional 
students with 550 of them living on 
campus. Our 200 freshmen came 
from 38 states and six nations and 
averaged an ACT score of 25 (the 
79th percentile nationally for students 

2 Christ above all 

Bryan is ranked by U.S. News & 
World Report in the top tier of 
colleges in the South. 

From the stellar performance 
of our graduating seniors on 
nationally-normed tests to the con- 
tinued expansion of the physical 
facilities on campus, here is a sam- 
pling of other 2006 highlights: 

• Each year, our graduating 
seniors take the nationally-normed 
major field achievement test in 
their disciplines. The test is pro- 
duced by ACT and gives us a good 
idea of how well our students are 
prepared as they enter graduate 
school or the workforce. The 
class of 2005 scored in the 85th 
percentile in history, 94th per- 
centile in English literature, 95th 
percentile in psychology and business, 
and 96th percentile in biology! 

• As part of Bryan's commitment 
to spreading the gospel and building 
Christ's kingdom throughout the 
world, Bryan's International 
Development Center continues to 
provide mission opportunities in the 
context of our academic disciplines. 
By the summer of 2007 we will offer 
an international mission opportunity 


in various parts of the globe for every 
discipline of study. 

Whatever the gifting God has 
given our students, it is imperative 
that that vocation be used as a plat- 
form for bringing the good news of 
Jesus Christ to a needy world. The 
Center provides expertise and assis- 
tance in response to learning and edu- 
cational needs, focusing on nations 
that are experiencing economic, politi- 
cal, social, cultural, or spiritual transi- 

•During the past year, the Bryan 
Center for Critical Thought and 
Practice has conducted three out- 
standing symposia with leading acade- 
micians addressing the topics of 
"Popular Culture and 
Communication," "What is Man that 
Thou Art Mindful?" and "Bioethics 
and the Meaning of Man," and pub- 
lished six monographs on these top- 
ics. If you would like a free subscrip- 
tion to Illumine, sign up online at 

Bryan Life 3 


residence hall grand opening 

• Our athletic teams continue to 
demonstrate excellence on and off 
the field of play. Our women's vol- 
leyball program was awarded the 
Champions of Character trophy by 
the Appalachian Athletic Conference 
(AAC), our men's cross country team 
was runner-up in the AAC as was our 
women's volleyball team. The 
women's basketball program advanced 
to the sweet 1 6 at the national NAIA 
tournament in March, a first in the 
history of Bryan College. 

• The Center for Origins 
Research (CORE) has recently 
reopened the Henning Museum of 
Natural History on the first floor of 
Mercer Hall. CORE continues to do 
primary origins research, publishing 
papers this year on Darwin's misguid- 
ed observations on the natural phe- 
nomena of the Galapagos Islands as 
well as the human genome and the 
language of DNA. 

Bryan will soon be offering a 
minor in creation biology and CORE 

continues to provide outstanding 
research opportunities for our stu- 

• Bryan achieved national recog- 
nition this year for its participation in 
the Historic Campus Architecture 
Project sponsored by the Council of 
Independent Colleges. The campus, 
Mercer Hall, Rudd Auditorium, the 
Grassy Bowl, and the River's Edge 
Apartments are all a part of this first 
nationwide database of architecture 
and landscaping at independent col- 
leges and universities. 

In addition, Bryan College and the 
Rhea County Courthouse were 
included in the Religious Heritage 
Trail for Southeast Tennessee, a cele- 
bration of the religious influence on 
the history and development of this 

God continues to bless us with 
new facilities: 

• A women's residence hall 
became home to 120 young ladies this 
fall; and during Heritage Week in 
March, we will formally dedicate it in 
memory of E E. Robinson, first 
board chairman of Bryan College. 

• Rhea House received a makeover 
this summer and now houses all our 

4 Christ above all 


iQrt 2006 

Advancement Department and serves <lt)f 11 
as an Alumni Welcome Center. 

• The Rankin Center continues to 
undergo renovations, the most recent 
to house a health clinic scheduled to 
open at the beginning of the spring 

• A 15,000-sq. ft. basketball and 
volleyball practice facility is finished, 
complete with two full-size collegiate 
basketball courts. 

• A 3,000 sq. ft. addition to 
Summers Gymnasium has been com- 
pleted and houses our athletic training 
facility. Athletic training continues to 
be one of our most popular new 
majors, and we are blessed to have 
new facilities available for our faculty 
and students. 

• Beginning in March, Summers 
Gymnasium will receive a major 
upgrade with a refurbished and 
redesigned first floor and a new sec- 
ond floor addition. The upgrade will 
include new locker rooms and fully- 
equipped cardio, aerobic, and weight 
rooms for the entire campus commu- 
nity to enjoy. 

Thank you for being a vital part of 

religious heritage trail 

the work described by Paul to the 
Colossians, "warning every man and 
teaching every man in all wisdom that 
we may present every man perfect in 
Christ Jesus." 

Our financial needs are great as 
the ministry expands, and we appreci- 
ate your continued eternal investment 
in the lives of our students. 

Plan this year to come and see the 
work that God is doing in our midst 
as we seek to remain ever faithful to 
our mission of educating students to 

become servants of Christ to make a 
difference in today's world. 
Thank you, and God bless, 

Dr. Stephen D. Livesay, 

Bryan Life 5 

President's Circle 

Lifetime Gifts of $1,000,000 + 


Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Drake 

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin D. Latimer 

National Christian Charitable Fndn. 

Mr. Nick F. Senter 

Mr. and Mrs. Holland M. Ware 

Estate of Mrs. Mary H. Waterhouse 

Medallion Society 

Annual Gifts of $25,000 + 

Estate of Janice Lou Alley 


Caldwell Foundation 

Mr. John Cammenga 

Cawood Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua P. Drake 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Drake 

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin D. Latimer 

Macatawa Engineering Corporation 

Mrs. Alice M. Mercer 

National Christian Charitable Fndn. 

Mr. Nick F. Senter 

Mr. David L. Spoede 

W. J. Bryan Society 

Annual Gifts of $10,000 - $24,999 

Arcadis - Littleton, CO 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Barge 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bice 

Chattanooga Christian Community Fndn. 

Mrs. Dolores Cooley 

ExxonMobil Foundation 

Hon. and Mrs. David E. Fowler 

Mr. Fred L. Graves, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett F. Griffin 

Col. and Mrs. John W. Haynes 

Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Keefer III 

O Christ above all 

Maclellan Foundation, Inc. 
Midland Business Advisors, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger W Naugle 
Mr. and Mrs. T. Ramon Perdue 
Pioneer College Caterers 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Plush 
Schnabel Foundation Company 

Mrs. Corinne Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Stophel 

Clifton and Clara Ward Foundation 

Weldon F. Osborne Foundation 

Scarlet & Gold Society 

Annual Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999 

Mrs. Ruthanna S. Almond 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Beal 

Wayne & Ida Bowman Foundation 

Dr. Kenneth L. Campbell 

Mr. and Mrs. David Canady 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carlson 

Chatlos Foundation, Inc. 

Community National Bank 

Federated Department Stores Fndn. 

Graves Overhead Doors, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Lee Graves, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Jackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce T Kelley 

Drs. L. Jake and Sandy Matthes 

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sattler 

Ms. Katherine M. Simpson 

Mr. Sam Smartt 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stahler 

UPS Foundation 

Mr. William A. Venable III 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Visser 

Heritage Society 

Annual Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999 

Mrs. Lois Ambler 

Mrs. Lois S. Baird 

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Bengtson 

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Bennett 

Brainstorm Design, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leland R. Bryan 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Buttram, Jr. 

The Community Foundation for Greater 


Mr. and Mrs. John M. Davis 

Mary Stark Davis Trust 


Dayton Utilities Grant Program 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Decosimo 

First Presbyterian Church - Chattanooga, TN 

Mrs. Barbara Graves 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Green 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T Green 

Mrs. ReitaJ. Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. David W Kinsey 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Livesay 

Mrs. Betty J. Lonie 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Mercer 

Dr. John M. Mercer 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Monroe 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Patterson 

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Price 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Schenck 

Mr. and Mrs. David W Seera 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Senter III 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Sierk 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Simpson 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Stanbrough 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray N. Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wolfe 

Patrons Society 

Annual Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499 
Dr. John C. Anderson 


Arcadis G & M, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Ashworth 

Mr. Thomas R. Baker 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Barth 

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Bartlett 

BellSouth Corporation 

Mr. Bruce F Bendull 

Mr. and Mrs. Vance Berger 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Berndt 

Mr. Andrew C. Bowers 

BP Amoco Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brining 

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Bruehl 

Mr. Robert E. Campbell 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Winston Carroll 

Mr. B. Allen Casey 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Thomas Cecil 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F Chiles 

Mr. Ben Ciliberto 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Cline 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Clothier 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Coddington 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Michael Coffman 

Rev. and Mrs. John D. Corcoran 

Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. 

Mr. Lee A. Crabtree 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Crawford 

" are the light of the world 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Cropp 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Cropp 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall G. Darling 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Davis 

Dayton Rotary Club 

DeWitt, Joe & Velma Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dillard 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Dorrill 

Mr. and Mrs. David Durant 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Edenfield 

Mr. Peter S. Eggert 

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Fischer 

Mrs. Jane B. Fox 

Mrs. Julia R. Fulmer 

Garlow Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip P. Garlow 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Gordon 

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan G. Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. Marble J. Hensley 

Mr. Reid M. Henson 

Mr. and Mrs. W C. Hilleary 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Hitchcock 
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Hoke 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. Hollin 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hunt 

Miss Reva M. Jenkins 

Dr. and Mrs. Philip R. Jepson 

Rev. and Mrs. Allen B. Jewett 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Jeffrey Kent 

Mr. William L. Kinsey 

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Klingsmith 

Latimer Charitable Lead Annuity Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Loftin 

Dr. and Mrs. Darrell Evan Lovins 

Dr. and Mrs. Bill MacGuire 

Dr. Ila Ruth Mahr 

Mrs. Margie Mann 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Meissner 

Microsoft Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Miller III 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Naff 

Mrs. Rosemary D Pierce 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Puckett 

Dr. and Mrs. Terry L. Puckett 

Mr. and Mrs. W L. Reeve 

Rhea County Historical Society, Inc. 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Richardson 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Scott 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Senter, Jr. 

Mrs. Barbara C. Sewall 

Shades Mountain Independent Church 

Mrs. Mimi R. Simmons 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W Spoede 

Mr. and Mrs. John Sprankell 

Dr. and Mrs. Jack W Traylor 

Ms. Christine C. Vieth 

Wal-Mart Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil H. Walters 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Barry Whitney, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. D Jay Wolgemuth 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman W Wolter 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Wood 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Zeller 

Bryan College Society 

Annual Gifts of $25 - $999 

A-l Paving 

Col. and Mrs. Carl M. Abel 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D Abel 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry V. Adams 

Mr. Herbert Adcox 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Albright 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Lewis Alderman, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Aldridge 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Allen 

Mrs. Judith J. Allison 

American Council of Engineering Companies, TN 

AmSouth Bank 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Anderson 

Mr. John D Anderson 

Dr. and Mrs. Karl Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett T Andrews 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert D Andrews 

Arcadis - Adanta, GA 

Arcadis - Mahwah, NJ 

Mr. and Mrs. Vern Archer 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Ardelean 

Mrs. Ardis B. Armstrong 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Arwe 

Ms. Melissa Atkinson 

Auto Battery & Ignition Company 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bailey 

Dr. and Mrs. Dwight P. Baker 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ballard 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Ballard 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Barber 

Ms. Sheila J. Barber 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Barfield 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Barkman 

Miss Ellen L. Barnes 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Barnett 

Mr. and Mrs. Garry L. Barnhart 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D Barr 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Barrett 

Mr. Henry E. Barrios 

Mr. and Mrs. Dow S. Barton 

Mr. and Mrs. John Bartus 

Dr. Beatrice Batson 

Bechtel Foundation 

Miss Marleen V. Beck 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bedford 

Mrs. C. Robert Bell, Sr. 

Rev. and Mrs. Randall N. Bell 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T Bennett 

Bentley, Bentley & Bentley 

Mr. Gilliam D Bentley 

Drs. Blair and Louise Bentley 

Mrs. Wilma Berger 

Miss Gladys Best 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Beutder 

Mr. Karl A. Bevins 

Mrs. Dorothy R. Billey 

BI-LO, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Birch 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Birlew 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Black 

Dr. and Mrs. William Donald Black 

Miss Jean A. Blaha 

Ms. Cheryl Ann Blake 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Blanton 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Boeddeker 

Mrs. Constance Boeddeker 

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Bogardus, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Boling 

The Bolles Company, Inc 

Miss Rachel Bollman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leroy Bonde 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bostrom 

Dr. Mary Ellen Bough 

Bryan Life *7 

2006 giving societies 

Dr. and Mrs. Everett R. Boyce 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin G. Bradshaw 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Bradshaw 

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Branan 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Brannon 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Branson 

Brayton Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn Brewster 

Mrs. Tracey Bridwell 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Brooks 

Mr. and Mrs. James Brooks 

Miss Rhea Thornburg Brown 

Lt. and Mrs. David C. Bruner 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bruner 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D Bryan 

Mrs. Ruth M. Bryan 

Mrs. Mary G. Bryson 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buchleiter 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Buck 

Miss Wanda L. Burcham 

Mrs. Martha G Bush 

Mr. Daniel O. Butler 

BWXTY-12, L.L.C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Byrne 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Caldwell, Sr. 

California Community Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Callis 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Ross Campbell 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Caraway 

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Mr. and Mrs. John B. Carpenter, Jr. 

Ms. Martha K. Carr 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Carlos Carter 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Castlen 

Miss Laura Cather 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Cather 

Cerqueda Morgan Gault & Collins LLP 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Chamberlain 

Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C. 

Mr. Richard Chan 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Chattin 

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The Henry Church Scholarship Foundation 

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Cleveland Roofing & Air Conditioning Co. 

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Dr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Cochrane 

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O Christ above all 

...a city on a hill cannot be hidden. 

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Institute of Transportation Engineers 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Irwin 

Mr. and Mrs. Carey A. Jackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Jackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F Jahncke 

Dr. and Mrs. Homer C. Jamison 

Mr. Calvin Jaynes 

Mr. Harold Jennings 

Mrs. Charlotte C. Jensen 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W Jensen 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth Johnson 

Dr. and Mrs. Alan F Johnson 

Dr. Catherine Johnson 

Bryan Life 9 



Miss Elizabeth Ann Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Albert Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Johnson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Shelby R. Johnson 

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Jones 

Ms. Lynn H. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren W Kaiser 

Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Kaufman 

Mr. and Mrs. Art Kaufmann 

Miss Laura M. Kaufmann 

Mrs. Glenna Thelma Kaye 

Mr. Adam W. Kays 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Kays 

Dr. and Mrs. William L. Ketchersid 

Rev. and Mrs. Joel S. Kettenring 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Keylon 

Dr. and Mrs. Milton G. Kier 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kik 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gilbert King 

Mrs. Betty L. Kinzie 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans C. Kirkman 

Rev. and Mrs. Charles C. Kirtley 

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Kizzire 

Mr. and Mrs. William G Klaevemann 

Miss Eunice R. Knouse 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Koan 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Koontz 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kordus 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kreiling, Jr. 

Mrs. Gayle Kroeger 

Miss Ruth A. Kroeger 

Mr. Karl A. Laegeler 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Lane 

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Langston 

Rev. David M. Larson 

Mrs. Dolores B. Larson 

Miss J. Louise Lason 

Dr. Marilyn J. Laszlo 

Lawson Properties 

Pastor and Mrs. John D Lawson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Layman 

Mrs. Marguerite D Layton 

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Lee 

Mr. Kye K. Lee 

Ms. Gina M. Leete 

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Legg 

Fr. Frank B Lenz 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Leonard III 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. LeRiche 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Lester 

Mrs. Dorothy A. Lestmann 

Dr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Lestmann 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Levenger 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Levengood 

Miss Miriam E. Levengood 

Lewis Joint Revocable Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wallace Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. Adib H. Liddawi 

Rev. and Mrs. Edgar J. Lieb, Jr. 

Miss Lucy J. Lieb 

Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. Liebig 

Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Linebaugh 

Mrs. Louise Linville 

Mrs. Jean F List 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Little 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Little 

Dr. and Mrs. Russell Llewellyn 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. Miles Nelson Loveland 

Ms. Judy Lowe 

Mr. Robert Ray Lucas 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert William Lucas 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lupton, Jr. 

Drs. David and Sigrid Luther 

Mr. and Mrs. Milo A. Macko II 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. MacLean 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. MacNeill 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Main 

Dr. and Mrs. John D Main 

Miss Johnna Jeanette Main 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Mainor 

Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. Mains 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maloney 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Marcy 

Rev. Kenneth R. Marken 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Marler, Jr. 

Mr. Hurley Marsh 

Mrs. Jane Marston 
Dr. and Mrs. John G Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Troy R. Martin 

Mrs. Phyllis Masters 

Mr. and Mrs. G Dirk Mateer 

Estate of Francis B. Matthews 

Dr. and Mrs. Harold W Matthews 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G Mattson 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mayer 

Mayfield Dairy Farms, Inc. 

Rev. and Mrs. Ralph E. Maynard 

Maytag Corporation Foundation 

Dr. and Mrs. David P. McCallie 

Rev. and Mrs. Charles H. McCarthy 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Glenn McClain, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McClarnon 

Mr. Stephen A. McCollam 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Christian McCready 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank McDaniel 

Mrs. Marilyn McEachron 

Mr. and Mrs. Lucius DeYampert McGehee 

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan J. Mclnnes 

Mrs. Barbara E. Mcintosh 

Mr. and Mrs. J. F McKay 

Mr. and Mrs. John Charles McKoy 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. McMillan, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. McMurran 

Mr. and Mrs. Lanny McNabb 

Mr. and Mrs. David McSpadden 

Mr. R. Frank Meaders 

Mr. and Mrs. Kim Melton 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T Merritt 

Metropolitan Life Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Meulemans 

Dr. Leonard M. Meznar 

Mr. and Mrs. Marc J. Meznar 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Meznar 

Rev. and Mrs. John W Miesel 

Mrs. Eileen G Miller 

Mrs. Grace Miller 

Miller's Tire & Auto Service 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Milligan 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D Mitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Lamar Modert 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard O. Montag 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W Moore 

Rev. and Mrs. Samuel (Jack) C. Morris 

Miss Mildred Mosby 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moyers 

Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe M. Mulvey, Jr. 

Miss Melissa L. Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike L. Myers 

lO Christ above all 

.in the same way, let your light shine. 

Mr. and Mrs. Errol G. Myhand 
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Nace 
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Naff 

Mrs. Delia H. Napier 

Miss Katherine E. Naugle 

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin G. Neddo 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Neddo 

Mr. and Mrs. Hibbett Neel 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Nelson 

Mr. and Mrs. John Nevans 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Newell 

Miss Kay E. Newhouse 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newsome 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton L. Norris 

Mrs. Lillie B. Nothnagel 

Dr. and Mrs. R. David Nourse 

Oasis Construction Services, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. O'Connor 

Mr. Philip G Oehler 

Ogden Baptist Church 

Mr. and Mrs. Lanny L. O'Hail 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Oldman 

Mrs. Pat Orton 

Rev. and Mrs. Clinton Padgett 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Padgett 

Mr. Stephen D Padgett 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Page 

Miss Catherine Painter 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Papworth 

Park Springs Bible Church, Inc. 

Rev. and Mrs. Howard D Park 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Parker 
Dr. and Mrs. William W Paul 
Dr. and Mrs. Joel E. Pearman 

Miss Nell Pearson 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pendergrass 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe W Peppers 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Perkins 

Mr. Emerson Dominique Perseghetti 

Personal Dynamics 

Mr. Nathan T. Petersburg 

Maj. and Mrs. Marshall H. Peterson 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D Petitte 

Dr. and Mrs. W Gary Phillips 

Mr. W G Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs. John D Pierce 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pipe 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradley Plank 

Mr. Vadim N. Pokhlebkin 

Mrs. Clara R. Poore 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Posey 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W Potter 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Powers 

Miss Bonnie J. Pratt 

Mrs. Carrie Frances H. Price 

Mr. and Mrs. Willard D Price 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Chan Prosser 

Prudential Foundation 
Rev. and Mrs. L. C. Pruehsner 

Ms. Mary Anne Purser 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Pyle 

Mr. and Mrs. James W Quinn 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ragan 

Miss Rebecca J. Ramsey 

Mrs. Dorothy T Ransom 

Rev. and Mrs. John A. Rathbun 

Miss Pearl M. Rathbun 

Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Ray 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Read 

Miss Alanna Reader 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Reed 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl T Reed 

Dr. and Mrs. John W Reed 

Mrs. Faith K. Reese 

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Reese 

Mr. and Mrs. John W Reese 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Remington 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W Rhodes 

Mrs. Clarice R. Richardson 

Miss Deborah C. Richardson 

Mrs. Lois F. Richardson 

Ms. Paulakay F. Ricketts 

Mr. and Mrs. Damon R. Riggs 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ritter 

Dr. and Mrs. Arliss L. Roaden 

Mrs. Bertha M. Roberts 

Mrs. Edith P. Roberts 

Dr. Charles H. Robinson 

Mr. David L. Robinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Robinson 

Ms. Norma K. Dewart Robison 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Terryl Roddy 
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Roden 

Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. Roes 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Rogers 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rogers 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roodzant 

Rev. and Mrs. Dean M. Ropp 

Mrs. Mae Roskamp 

Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Ross 

Miss Ruth E. Ross 

RPM Transportation Consultants, LLC 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ruble 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Russell 

Rev. and Mrs. Douglas K. Russell 

Dr. Miriam R. Sailers 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T Salter III 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Salyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Sanders 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger W Sanders 

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Dudley Sands 

Mr. and Mrs. James Sargent 

Mr. John Mark Sauve 

Mr. and Mrs. William Saville 

Rev. and Mrs. Sherwood Sawyer 

SBC Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D Schatz 

Miss Nadine L. Schick 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schild II 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Schlomann 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Schmidt 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Schonewetter 

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Schott 

Mr. Robert H. Schumacher 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Edwin Schwenke 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Scott 

Mrs. Dorothy Seer a 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W Sell 

Mr. and Mrs. Wassim A. Selman 

Ms. Dorothy Shenkir 

Mrs. Ruth D Sherman 

Sherwin-Williams Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D Sheyda 

Mrs. Elsie Sidback 

Mrs. Ruth E. Simmons 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Simon 

Mr. Wayne R. Simon 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Simpson 

Maj. and Mrs. Douglas B. Sloan 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sloan 

Mr. and Mrs. Evan A. Smith 

Rev. and Mrs. George F Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Smith 

Bryan Life 11 



Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lee Smith 

J M Smith Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome D. Smith 

Ms. Kathlene D. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell A. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Max Lee Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald John Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W Smith, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W Smith, Sr. 

Mr. Zachary A. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Sneed 

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Soden 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Soltner 

Southern Champion Tray Co. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Spanogle 

Miss Charlotte G Spencer 

Mr. Robert D. St. John 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Chattanooga, TN 

St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Chattanooga, 


Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Stansberry 

Mrs. Eleanor Steele 

Miss Judy L. Steele 

Mr. and Mrs. James F Steffner, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry U. Stephens 

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Stewart 

Mr. L. F Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeff Strandholm 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Strauss 

Street Smarts, Inc. 

Ms. Susan Strickland 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sullivan, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Swafford 

Mrs. Bernice L. Swanson 

Mr. and Mrs. David Swanson 

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Symington 

Ms. Lynne Talbert 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Taylor 

Rev. and Mrs. Roger E. Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Taylor 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Taylor 

Dr. and Mrs. James H. Thames 

Dr. and Mrs. Sterling Theobald 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Thomas 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Thomas 

Ms. Cynthia M. Thomas 
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Thomas 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eric Thompson 

Miss Jo Anna B. Thompson 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Thornton 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Thorp 

Mr. Jason M. Thorp 

Mrs. Naomi Tice 

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Tingley 

Mr. John W. Tinker 

Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Tinsley 

Rev. and Mrs. Ralph E. Toliver 

Mrs. Gladys L. Traylor 

Mr. and Mrs. David G Turner 

Ms. Kimberle C. Tuttle 

Miss Dorothy Underwood 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Utley 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Van Eaton 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van Houte 

Mrs. Rosemary N. Van Schepen 

Mr. Jacques Van Stratum 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. VanAndel 

Vanderwall Funeral Home 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Vecellio 

Rev. and Mrs. William A. Venable, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby D Vincent 

Dr. and Mrs. George B. Vogel 

Miss Bertha E. Vogt 

Volkert & Associates, Inc. 

Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program 

Mr. Edwin W Wade 

Rev. and Mrs. Joseph S. Wagner 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy H. Walldorf 

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Walrod 

Mrs. Arlene M. Walters 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Warner 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Warren 

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Watson 

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Watson 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Watt 

Wayne Hills Baptist Church 

Mr. and Mrs. Tim F Webb 

Mr. Kedric Joseph Webster 

Dr. and Mrs. John C. Wells 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D Wenger 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wessels 

Miss Lois Weyhe 

Dr. and Mrs. David R. Wharton 

White Realty & Service Corporation 

Drs. Calvin and Deborah White 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. White 

Eden L. White 

Mr. Jack R. White 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. White 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin D Wick 

Rev. Jim A. Wiggins 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Wilbert 

Dr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Wilhoit 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Wilkey 
Rev. and Mrs. David C. Williams 

Mrs. Eleanor Raye Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Williamson 

Rev. and Mrs. Roy A. Williamson 

Rev. and Mrs. Charles Willoughby 

Miss Elizabeth C. Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W Wilson 

Winning with Encouragement, Inc. 

Mr. Collins Wise 

Mr. and Mrs. W Ivan Wishard 

Mrs. Barbara F Witham 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Witte 

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin W Womack 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Wood 

Woodridge Baptist Church 

Miss Sarah M. Woodring 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G Woods 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Larry Wooten 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Worrell 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale F Wright 

Mrs. Genevieve E. Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Yager 
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Ray Yates, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Brock A. Youngren 

Mr. Serge Yurovsky 

Mr. and Mrs. James Allen Zahn 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Zartman 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zeiser 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. A. Zimmermann 

12 Christ above all 


We Sold Tax Free! 



"Our property had increased greatly in 
value. We wanted to sell and avoid 
paying a huge capital gain tax. Jim 
Barth at Bryan College showed us how 
to sell tax-free, benefit the college, 
receive large income payments for life, 
and get added income tax savings." 


Yes. I am interested in high fixed payments with added tax savings. 
Please mail me a free information package! 



City, State, Zip 

Mail to Jim Barth, Director of Estate Planning 
Bryan College, P.O. Box 7000, Dayton, TN 37321 
Phone: 1-800-552-7926 E-mail: 

Bryan Life 13 

2Qo6 giving bv class 



Living Class Members: 9 
Participation: 11% 
Rev. Ralph E. Toliver 


Living Class Members: 12 

Participation: 8% 

Rev. Edward M. de Rosset 


Living Class Members: 10 
Participation: 20% 
Mrs. Joyce I. de Rosset 
Mrs. Rebecca P. Hoyt 


Living Class Members: 8 
Participation: 25% 
Rev. Daniel K. Hirschy 
Dr. William W Paul 


Living Class Members: 1 1 
Participation: 36% 
Mrs. Grace L. Bennett 
Mr. Lowell Hoyt 
Mr. Lawrence Levengood 
Mr. Paul E. Perkins 


Living Class Members: 21 
Participation: 14% 
Mr. Lester C. Hartschuh 
Dr. Jesse D. Humberd 
Mrs. Laura Humberd 


Living Class Members : 16 
Participation: 19% 
Dr. Beatrice Batson 
Mr. Robert D St. John 
Mr. Edwin W. Wade 


Living Class Members: 1 7 
Participation: 6% 
Mrs. Anna Hemberger 


Living Class Members: 14 
Participation: 29% 
Mr. Philip W Hirschy 
Mrs. Eileen G. Miller 
Rev. Albert F. Moginot, Jr. 
Mrs. Rosemary N. Van Schepen 


Living Class Members: 12 
Participation: 33% 
Miss Hazel N. Geiger 
Miss Miriam E. Levengood 
Rev. Kenneth R. Marken 
Mrs. Ruth E. Simmons 


Living Class Members: 32 

Participation: 13% 

Mrs. Miriam M. Christensen 

Rev. Edgar J. Lieb, Jr. 

Dr. Ila Ruth Mahr 

Miss Lois Weyhe 


Living Class Members: 3 1 
Participation: 23% 
Miss Wanda L. Burcham 
Mrs. Nola G. Caraway 
Mrs. Norma Crawford 
Mrs. Marguerite D. Layton 
Mrs. Jane S. Lieb 
Miss Nell Pearson 
Mrs. Elsie Sidback 


Living Class Members: 58 
Participation: 12% 
Mr. Hugh I. Coombs 
Dr. Ian M. Hay 
Rev. David M. Larson 
Mrs. Gladys L. Meznar 
Mr. E. Lamar Modert 
Mrs. Delia H. Napier 
Mrs. Lavana Williams 


Living Class Members: 67 
Participation: 21% 
Mr. William R. Caraway 
Rev. Roy J. Clark 
Mrs. S. June Hay 
Mr. Calvin Jaynes 
Rev. Joel S. Kettenring 
Mrs. Pauline Kettenring 
Rev. Charles C. Kirtley 
Mrs. Jeannine J. Leach 
Dr. Leonard M. Meznar 
Dr. John W Reed 
Mrs. Ruth S. Taylor 
Mrs. Ruth A. Theobald 
Dr. Sterling Theobald 
Mrs. Arlene L. Tingley 


Living Class Members: 59 
Participation: 25% 
Mr. Douglas Birch 
Mr. Wyman S. Firebaugh 
Mrs. Iona C. Harris 
Mrs. Ruth B. Hookey 
Rev. Allen B. Jewett 
Mr. Charles H. Koontz 
Mrs. Dolores B. Larson 
Dr. Ernest W Lee 
Mr. Ronald M. Meznar 
Mrs. Dorothy A. Modert 
Mr. David A. Naff 
Mr. Robert N. Page 
Mrs. Erris M. Reed 
Mrs. Doris V. Sargent 
Mr. Robert E. Williams 


Living Class Members: 48 

Participation: 19% 

Dr. C. Fred Donehoo 

Mrs. Ruth Joy Gulley 

Dr. John G Martin 

Mrs. Rose Marie Martin 

Mrs. Barbara E. Mcintosh 

Mrs. Janice L. Miesel 

Miss Mildred Mosby 

Mrs. Mary G Naff 

Mrs. Carrie Frances H. Price 


Living Class Members: 88 
Participation: 26% 
Dr. Robert Clouse 
Mr. David L. Franklin 
Mrs. ReitaJ. Hall 
Mrs. Ruth H. Harries 
Mr. George H. Harris 
Mr. Robert W Hawk 
Mrs. Betty Joy Home 
Mr. Shelby R. Johnson 
Mrs. Lois R. Lee 
Rev. Ralph E. Maynard 
Rev. John W Miesel 
Mr. Roscoe M. Mulvey, Jr. 
Mr. Darwin G Neddo 
Rev. Francis J. Neddo 
Mrs. June A. Neddo 
Rev. John A. Rathbun 
Mrs. Joyce E. Rathbun 
Mrs. Virginia S. Schatz 
Miss Nadine L. Schick 
Mrs. R. Suzanne Smith 
Dr. Thomas V. Taylor 
Miss Dorothy Underwood 
Mrs. Edith R. Zimmermann 


Living Class Members: 72 
Participation: 21% 
Mrs. Lois Ambler 
Mr. Paul H. Ardelean 

Mrs. Frances Brannon 
Dr. Richard M. Cornelius 
Mr. E. Dean Ezell 
Mr. G Earl Hamilton, Jr. 
Miss Anna Ruth Hille 
Rev. Melvin C. Hob son 
Mrs. Joanne Hollatz 
Rev. Robert M. Home 
Dr. Milton G Kier 
Mrs. Mary Roselyn Lee 
Mrs. Melba S. Maynard 
Rev. Howard D. Park 
Mrs. Barbara C. Sewall 


Living Class Members: 109 
Participation: 21% 
Miss Marleen V Beck 
Mrs. Joy A. Bostrom 
Dr. Everett R. Boyce 
Mrs. Nancy T Brooks 
Dr. Kenneth L. Campbell 
Dr. F Mark Davis 
Mr. Jesse B. Deloe 
Mrs. Shirley A. Fehl 
Mr. Ralph T Green 
Rev. James W Harris 
Mrs. Joan H. Harris 
Ms. E. Mae Havird 
Mr. Stuart C. Meissner 
Miss Pearl M. Rathbun 
Mrs. Adrienne K Reese 
Dr. James A. Reese 
Mrs. Lois F. Richardson 
Mr. Charles E. Russell 
Mr. Lawrence D Schatz 
Dr. Herbert A. Sierk 
Mrs. Charlene W Smith 
Rev. Charles Willoughby 
Mrs. Anita L. Wolgemuth 


Living Class Members: 87 
Participation: 22% 
Mrs. Helen Archer 
Mrs. Ardis B. Armstrong 
Mr. James R. Barth 
Mrs. Judy K. Barth 
Mrs. Marilyn G Bartus 
Mrs. Donna J. Cornelius 
Mrs. Gladys M. Deloe 
Dr. Larry D Fehl 
Mr. Marshall H. Gaard 
Dr. Kenneth G Hanna 
Mrs. Shirley Jean Hobson 
Dr. Alan F. Johnson 
Mrs. Shirley M. Klingsmith 
Mrs. Velma L. Meissner 
Miss Catherine Painter 
Mrs. Martha A. Park 
Dr. Richard L. Ruble 
Miss Bertha E. Vogt 
Mr. Melvin D.Wick 

14 Christ above all 

"this is my commandment... 


Living Class Members: 84 
Participation: 13% 
Mr. David Canady 
Mrs. Jo Ann H. Fisher 
Mr. Thomas A. Fisher 
Dr. Richard K. Franklin 
Mr. Maxie F. Green 
Miss Bonnie J. Pratt 
Mrs. E. Maureen Read 
Dr. George B. Vogel 
Mr. David S. Watson 
Mrs. Lois Yates 
Mr. Paul W Yates 


Living Class Members: 106 
Participation: 15% 
Mr. Eugene K. Anderson 
Miss Ellen L. Barnes 
Dr. Mary Ellen Bough 
Mr. Marvin Brannon 
Mr. Clifford Branson 
Rev. Robert Conrad 
Mr. James M. Cooper 
Mrs. Roberta L. Dunn 
Mr. William V. Dunn 
Dr. Marilyn J. Laszlo 
Mrs. Margie Mann 
Dr. L. Jake Matthes 
Mr. Richard E. Powers 
Mr. Howard E. Spanogle 
Mrs. Laurel R. Van Houte 
Mr. Douglas B. White 


Living Class Members: 70 
Participation: 20% 
Mrs. JoAnne Cochrane 
Mrs. Carol F. Conrad 
Rev. Jerry K. Day, Sr. 
Mr. Wayne L. Funderburg 
Mr. Adib H. Liddawi 
Mrs. Carolyn D Mathews 
Mrs. Faith K. Reese 
Mrs. Mary Ellen Smith 
Mrs. Juanita L. Spanogle 
Mr. J. Lee Temples 
Mrs. M. Virginia Visser 
Mrs. Carolyn A. Wagner 
Rev. Jim A. Wiggins 
Mr. Richard C. Williamson 


Living Class Members: 90 

Participation: 7% 

Mrs. Faith Boyce 

Mr. David C. Egner 

Rev. Malcolm W Herndon 

Mrs. Lina B. Morris 

Mrs. Lois White 

Mrs. Eleanor Raye Williams 


Living Class Members: 86 
Participation: 8% 
Mr. Donald R. Culp 
Mrs. Jane B. Fox 
Miss Reva M. Jenkins 
Mrs. Gail M. Lester 
Mrs. Christine E. Llewellyn 
Dr. Russell Llewellyn 
Dr. Kenneth R. Roden 


Living Class Members: 105 
Participation: 12% 
Mrs. Lois T Baker 
Mr. Thomas W Beal 
Mrs. Shirley A. Egner 
Mr. Allen Frook 
Mr. Everett W Garmon 
Mrs. Peggy J. Loftin 
Mrs. Rebekah L. Marcy 
Ms. Mary Anne Purser 
Dr. Donald L. Reed 
Mrs. Rachael P. Reed 
Mr. Kenneth J. Utley 
Mrs. Lynette R. Utley 
Mrs. Marjorie Walrod 


Living Class Members: 87 

Participation: 17% 

Mr. Samuel M. Anderson 

Dr. William Donald Black 

Miss Rachel Bollman 

Mr. G Eugene Cowden, Sr. 

Mr. Leslie R. Cox 

Mrs. JoAnn V Culp 

Mrs. Phyllis Dixon 

Mr. Wayne Dixon 

Mrs. Onalee G Garmon 

Miss J. Louise Lason 

Mr. Rodger W Naugle 

Mrs. Joyce M. Roden 

Mrs. Carol L. Swanson 

Mrs. Karin J. Traylor 

Mrs. Lois G Zartman 


Living Class Members: 101 
Participation: 12% 
Mr. Ronald C. Barfield 
Mrs. Arlene B. Beal 
Dr. Mayme S. Bedford 
Dr. Eugene H. Bengtson 
Miss Jean A. Blaha 
Mrs. Beth B. Cox 
Mrs. Judie M. Dursteler 
Mrs. Carol B. Hitchcock 
Dr. Russell L. Kaufman 
Mr. Daniel D Sheyda 
Mr. William A. Venable III 
Dr. Ronald R. Zartman 


Living Class Members: 98 
Participation: 7% 
Mr. Philip C. Ashworth 
Mr. Richard Chan 
Mrs. Margie H. Griffin 
Mrs. Carol H. Keefer 
Mr. Ronald G Mattson 
Mrs. Rose M. Mattson 
Mrs. Bonnie J. Sloan 


Living Class Members: 113 
Participation: 8% 
Mrs. Lillian S. Andrews 
Dr. Robert D Andrews 
Mrs. Katie Ashworth 
Mrs. Mary Frances Carlson 
Mrs. Ruth T Green 
Mr. Milo A. Macko II 
Mrs. Sylvia T MacNeill 
Mrs. Anne C. Maloney 
Mrs. Barbara Posey 


Living Class Members: 135 
Participation: 13% 
Mrs. Janet K. Aldridge 
Mr. Jerry Aldridge 
Mr. Bruce F Bendull 
Miss Laura Cather 
Rev. John D Corcoran 
Mrs. Miriam M. Frantz 
Dr. Kenneth M. Froemke 
Mr. Dale F Hays 
Mrs. Karen J. Hoffman 
Mr. Kenneth W Hurley 
Mr. Carey A. Jackson 
Mr. Karl E. Keefer III 
Mr. Michael L. Loftin 
Mrs. Nita K. Papworth 
Miss Ruth E. Ross 
Mrs. Louise G Sheyda 
Miss Charlotte G Spencer 


Living Class Members: 136 
Participation: 6% 
Mr. John D Anderson 

Mr. Robert E. Campbell 

Mrs. Linda Chattin 

Dr. Rosalie A. de Rosset 

Mrs. Bonita Harthan 

Mrs. Alice C. Hurley 

Mr. Lloyd Nelson 

Mr. David S. Symington 


Living Class Members: 159 

Participation: 13% 

Rev. Randall N. Bell 

Mrs. Naomi I. Corcoran 

Mrs. Janice M. Donathen 

Dr. Robert W Folden 

Mr. Leroy Frank 

Mr. Stephen C. Harthan 

Mrs. Carolyn C. Hays 

Miss Jane Ellen Hodges 

Dr. Philip R. Jepson 

Mrs. Eva M. Layman 

Mrs. Clarice L. Main 

Mrs. Charlotte R. McSpadden 

Rev. Samuel (Jack) C. Morris 

Mrs. Katherine Nelson 

Mr. John W Reese 

Mr. J. Terryl Roddy 

Mr. Lee H. Simpson 

Mrs. Mary Lee W Taylor 

Mrs. Naomi Tice 

Mrs. Faith Williamson 


Living Class Members: 138 
Participation: 8% 
Mrs. Jeanine Barrett 
Mrs. Donna L. Bell 
Mr. Lucien Daigneault 
Mrs. Violet A. Daigneault 
Mrs. Kathleen Farney 
Mrs. Judy T Fritts 
Mr. W Terry Hill 
Mrs. Maye H. Jepson 
Mrs. Helen S. Leonard 
Dr. Joel E. Pearman 
Dr. Miriam R. Sailers 


Living Class Members: 157 

Participation: 8% 

Rev. Albert C. Davidson, Jr. 

Mr. Edward H. Fritts 

Dr. Marcia R. Froemke 

Mrs. Gail H. Levenger 

Dr. John D Main 

Dr. Sandra L. Matthes 

Mrs. Carol W Moore 

Mr. Lanny L. O'Hail 

Mrs. Linda J. Roddy 

Mrs. Ellen H. Schenck 

Mrs. Dorothy Seera 

Mrs. Eleanor Steele 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Sullivan 

Bryan Life 15 

2006 siviiis fov class 


Living Class Members: 161 
Participation: 9% 
Dr. John C. Anderson 
Dr. Blair Bentley 
Dr. Louise Bentley 
Mrs. Lizabeth L. Gordon 
Mrs. Charlotte C. Jensen 
Mrs. Beverly M. Kinsey 
Mr. David W Kinsey 
Mr. Larry Levenger 
Mr. Stephen A. McCollam 
Miss Kay E. Newhouse 
Mrs. Barbara W Prosser 
Mr. Lawrence H. Puckett 
Miss Alanna Reader 
Mrs. Barbara P. Remington 
Mr. Roy A. Remington 


Living Class Members: 1 64 
Participation: 9% 
Mr. Vern Archer 
Mr. Dow S. Barton 
Mrs. Delana C. Bice 
Mr. J. Wayne Cropp 
Mrs. Susan W Davis 
Mrs. Bonnie Edenfield 
Miss Betty W Hodges 
Dr. John M. Mercer 
Mrs. Peggy A. Moyers 
Miss Rebecca J. Ramsey 
Mrs. Betty Ruth Seera 
Mr. David W Seera 
Mrs. Alice A. Thomas 
Mr. James E. Thornton 
Dr. David A. Wright 


Living Class Members: 209 
Participation: 6% 
Mr. James C. Anderson 
Mr. Andrew L. Boeddeker 
Dr. Stephen P. Bradshaw 
Mr. Ronald E. Gordon 
Mr. Andrew H. Hayes, Jr. 
Miss Eunice R. Knouse 
Mrs. Martha J. McClarnon 
Mrs. Alice M. Mercer 
Maj. Marshall H. Peterson 
Mrs. Patricia Puckett 
Mr. Thomas W Smith, Jr. 
Miss Judy L. Steele 


Living Class Members: 21 6 
Participation: 7% 
Mr. Randall H. Ballard 
Mr. Jonathan L. Bennett 
Dr. Jeffrey R. Bruehl 
Mr. Daniel B. Decker 
Mr. Rick L. Farney 
Mr. Chris R. Hatten 
Miss Nancy Helmick 

Miss Lucy J. Lieb 
Mr. David M. Mercer 
Mrs. Sarah N. Peterson 
Mrs. Betsy Phillips 
Mr. Thomas W Potter 
Mr. David L. Robinson 
Dr. Stephen J. Strauss 
Mrs. Jacquelyn C. Thornton 


Living Class Members: 195 
Participation: 6% 
Mrs. Carol Barfield 
Mr. Garry L. Barnhart 
Mr. Ryan S. Cleaveland 
Mr. Carl C. Cline 
Mr. David Durant 
Mr. Randall K. Fuller 
Mrs. Mary Beth Goetz 
Mr. Thomas Goetz 
Dr. Dale E. Linebaugh 
Mr. David G Turner 
Mrs. D Renee Woods 


Living Class Members: 243 

Participation: 6% 

Mr. Roy Barger 

Mr. Gerald L. Cline 

Mr. D. Kevin Davey 

Mrs. Patricia B. Decker 

Mrs. Betty K. Greenawald 

Mrs. Brenda Hatten 

Miss Linda J. Helm 

Mr. Mark Newsome 

Mrs. Donna M. Schonewetter 

Mr. David L. Spoede 

Mrs. Marcia D Strauss 

Mr. Daniel C. VanAndel 

Mrs. Marion E. Voorhees 

Mr. James R. Wolfe 

Mr. Michael O. Wood 


Living Class Members: 259 
Participation: 3% 
Mrs. Linda Ballard 
Mr. Bruce Berndt 

Mrs. Bonny M. Clark 
Mr. Mark W Combs 
Mrs. Deborah T Durant 
Mr. Peter S. Eggert 
Mrs. Tamara Potter 
Mrs. Carole T Ragan 
Mr. Evan A. Smith 


Living Class Members: 233 
Participation: 7% 
Ms. Sheila J. Barber 
Mrs. Laurie K. Barnett 
Mrs. Ceil C. Bruner 
Mr. Anthony E. Castlen 
Mr. Jeffrey S. Chamberlain 
Mr. W Gregory Gadd 
Mr. Jack G Hutsell 
Mrs. Suzanne L. Jackson 
Mrs. Rebecca W Jensen 
Mr. Robert W Jensen 
Mr. Karl A. Laegeler 
Mrs. M. Elizabeth Newsome 
Mrs. Cherie W Ropp 
Mrs. Margaret A. Smith 
Mrs. Laurie A. Thames 
Mr. John W Tinker 
Mr. Timothy J. Witte 


Living Class Members: 1 86 
Participation: 5% 
Miss Marie A. Brackinridge 
Mrs. Ethel C. Goatley 
Mr. J. Christian McCready 
Mrs. Anita B. Meznar 
Mr. J. Bradley Plank 
Rev. Dean M. Ropp 
Mr. David R. Salyer 
Mr. Robert E. Soltner 
Mr. Paul D Stanbrough 


Living Class Members: 21 9 
Participation: 4% 
Lt. David C. Bruner 
Mr. Glen H. Liebig 
Mrs. Mary Liebig 
Mrs. Cheryl L. Little 
Mr. Anthony Meulemans 
Mr. Marc J. Meznar 
Dr. Terry L. Puckett 
Mr. G Michael Smith 
Mrs. Janet Y. So den 


Living Class Members: 272 
Participation: 4% 
Dr. John B. Bartlett 
Mrs. Ruth Bartlett 
Mrs. Carol L. Cecil 
Mr. Paul R. Cochrane 
Mrs. Alice E. Gray 
Mrs. Jeri A. Holweger 

Mr. Raymond Kordus 
Mrs. Anne Mayer 
Mrs. Paula D Puckett 
Dr. Charles H. Robinson 
Mrs. Denise Warner 


Living Class Members: 233 
Participation: 6% 
Mrs. Ann E. Byle 
Mrs. Karin F Carpenter 
Mrs. Barbara J. Cochrane 
Miss Wanda J. Davey 
Mr. Stephen S. Duggins 
Mrs. Janice M. Furr 
Mrs. Wilma Harrow 
Mrs. Wendy F Kordus 
Mrs. Leslie Mateer 
Mrs. Sandra R. Pierce 
Ms. Paulakay F. Ricketts 
Ms. Kimberle C. Tuttle 
Mrs. E. Maxine Vincent 
Mrs. Sharon Wilson 


Living Class Members: 243 
Participation: 6% 
Mr. EricR. Allen 
Mr. Stephen G Butler 
Mrs. Lori B. Gartner 
Mrs. M. Jacquelyn Herath 
Mrs. Brette B. Houser 
Mrs. Sandy M. Hutcheson 
Mr. Kenneth Morgan 
Mrs. Rachel R. Morgan 
Mrs. Jill R. Plank 
Mrs. Kimberly A. Smith 
Mrs. Nancy Spoede 
Dr. Robert W Spoede 
Mr. Steven A. Stewart 
Mr. Stephen W Wilson 
Miss Sarah M. Woodring 


Living Class Members: 198 
Participation: 9% 
Mr. R. Lewis Alderman, Jr. 
Mrs. Terri L. Alderman 
Mr. Frederick G Bedford 
Mr. John B. Carpenter, Jr. 
Mrs. Violet Cather 
Mr. William B. Cather 
Mr. Matthew I. Eggert 
Rev. C. Lamar Frizzell 
Mrs. Lori C. Herbert 
Mrs. Holly R. Holton 
Mr. D Scott Hunt 
Mr. Edward J. Jackson 
Mrs. Shawna B. McClain 
Mr. John D Pierce 
Miss Deborah C. Richardson 
Maj. Douglas B. Sloan 
Ms. Cynthia M. Thomas 

lO Christ above all 

...that you love one another." 


Living Class Members: 207 
Participation: 7% 
Mrs. Anita P. Branan 
Mr. Daniel O. Butler 
Miss Celia Dixon 
Mrs. Marsha M. Eggert 
Mrs. Lucia Fary 
Dr. Malcolm I. Fary 
Mrs. Penny S. Frizzell 
Miss Laura M. Kaufmann 
Mr. Kye K. Lee 
Mr. E. Glenn McClain, Jr. 
Miss N. Chantel Messer 
Mrs. Sharron L. Padgett 
Mr. Scott D. Sorenson 
Mrs. Lisa B. Stewart 


Living Class Members: 1 30 

Participation: 5% 

Mr. David A. Clothier 

Miss Katherine B. Dean 

Mr. Jonathan D Garrett 

Mr. Hans C. Kirkman 

Mrs. Margaret L. Kirkman 

Mr. Brett A. Roes 

Mrs. Jean A. Strandholm 


Living Class Members: 1 79 
Participation: 6% 
Mrs. Kari B. Barr 
Mr. Ronnie R. Cox 
Dr. Edward W Fickley 
Mr. Darin L. Gregg 
Miss Dawn M. Hoffman 
Mrs. Kendra O'Connor 
Mr. Vincent R. Pyle 
Mrs. Kimberly A. Rhodes 
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Sloan 
Mr. Jon R. Whiteley 
Miss Elizabeth C. Wilson 


Living Class Members: 117 
Participation: 5% 
Mr. Douglas D Barr 
Mr. Timothy L. Combs 

Mrs. Mary U. Hanna 
Mr. Douglas J. Padgett 
Mrs. Rebecca N. Roes 
Mr. Wayne R. Simon 


Living Class Members: 132 
Participation: 5% 
Mrs. Jane Ardelean 
Mrs. Christina M. Barkman 
Mr. Gregory A. Barkman 
Dr. Robert E. Dailey 
Mr. Philip P. Garlow 
Mrs. Deborah R. Gegerson 
Dr. W Gary Phillips 


Living Class Members: 136 
Participation : 1% 
Mr. PaulF Neddo 
Mr. Stephen D Padgett 


Living Class Members: 140 
Participation: 5% 
Mr. Lee A. Crabtree 
Mrs. Chanin A. Gilman 
Mr. Jeffrey A. Green 
Mr. Nathan G Harris 
Mrs. Ruth Harris 
Mrs. Christine F Salter 
Dr. Jack W Traylor 


Living Class Members: 153 
Participation: 3% 
Mr. Chris S. Gilman 
Mr. F Lee Graves, Jr. 
Mrs. Michele E. Green 
Mr. Kenneth W Gustafson 


Living Class Members: 157 

Participation: 3% 

Mrs. Sarah R. Langston 

Mrs. Margaret A. Legg 

Dr. David Luther 

Dr. Sigrid Luther 

Mr. Vadim N. Pokhlebkin 


Living Class Members: 1 77 
Participation: 2% 
Miss Ruth A. Kroeger 
Mr. Erwin D Latimer 
Mrs. Lane W Latimer 
Mr. Joe W Peppers 


Living Class Members: 195 
Participation: 3% 
Mrs. Jody M. Buttram 
Mr. Nathan T. Petersburg 
Mr. Jim A. Taylor 
Mrs. Julia R. Taylor 
Mrs. Brenda Wooten 
Mr. Serge Yurovsky 


Living Class Members: 165 

Participation: 2% 

Mr. Andrew C. Bowers 

Mr. Joe W Davis 

Mr. Paul T Gordon 

Mrs. Lindsay A. Lewis 


Living Class Members: 165 
Participation: 2% 
Mr. Joshua P. Drake 
Mrs. V. Jennell Groening 
Mrs. Lucy B. Scott 


Living Class Members: 225 
Participation: 5% 
Miss L. Michelle Edwards 
Miss Laura L. Foxworth 
Mrs. Karen A. Johnson 
Mr. Matthew E. Johnson 
Mrs. Cassandra K. Parsons 
Mrs. Nan Simpson 
Dr. Robert J. Simpson 
Mr. Glenn C. Stophel 
Mrs. Jackie Stophel 
Mrs. Bee Wolter 
Mr. Herman W. Wolter 


Living Class Members: 205 

Participation: 2% 

Mrs. Sarah K Drake 

Mr. Nick F Senter 

Mr. Kent A. Suter 

Miss JoAnna B. Thompson 


Living Class Members: 238 

Participation: 5% 


Mr. Warren G Cole 

Mrs. Sally Graf 

Ms. Anna W Hanger 

Miss Kimberlie D Hill 

Mrs. Lee Ketchersid 

Dr. William L. Ketchersid 

Mrs. Darlene Lestmann 

Dr. Phillip E. Lestmann 

Mrs. Brook F Suter 

Mr. Jason M. Thorp 

Mr. Kedric Joseph Webster 

Mrs. Allison K Youngren 


Living Class Members: 21 3 
Participation: 2% 
Mr. Henry E. Barrios 
Mr. Matthew V. Ellis 
Miss Melissa L. Myers 
Miss Priscilla F Pearson 
Mr. Brock A. Youngren 


Living Class Members: 209 
Participation: 3% 
Mr. Christopher David Achter 
Ms. Marlene M. Fouts 
Mrs. Sandra D Godsey 
Miss Johnna Jeanette Main 
Miss Rachelle Estaire Sprankell 
Dr. Melvin R. Wilhoit 
Mrs. Susan G Wilhoit 

Bryan Life VJ 




More than 500 alumni came home Oct. 6-8, to celebrate Homecoming 
2006 and to honor the Class of 1981 on its 25th anniversary. Beth 
Starbuck of Memphis, Tenn., a senior communication studies major, 
was crowned homecoming queen, and Ross Lee, a senior mathematics/technolo- 
gy major from Fredericksburg, Va., was crowned homecoming king. Both were 
crowned by 1981 Queen Darlene Ragland LaPlue. 

At the Awards Dinner Saturday night, Mr. Cole presented the Alumnus of 
the Year award to Dr. Don Black, a member of the Class of 1964 and a nephrol- 
ogist practicing in Knoxville, Tenn. He also named Tom Davis, Bryan's director 
of public information, as an Honorary Alumnus of the college. 

Director of Athletics Dr. Sandy Zensen inducted the late John Spracklin, 
'95, into the Athletics Hall of Fame. Dr. Zensen pointed out Mr. Spracklin's 
accomplishments on the soccer field and the character he displayed off the field. 
With the assistance of several of John's teammates, he presented John's widow, 
Jenny, a framed jersey with John's number and a Lion of Valor award. The 
award, created after John's graduation, is presented to the top male and female 
athlete at Bryan who model the character of Christ on and off the field. 


^ I %L 

Homecoming King and Queen: 
Beth Starbuck and Ross Lee 

Alumni Coordinator Warren 

Cole presents the Alumnus of 

the Year award to Dr. Don 

Black of Knoxville, Tenn. 

Jenny Spracklin, front, is pictured with some of John 

Spracklin's teammates, including, from left, Joey Johnson, 

Gabe Himmelwright, Matt Bryan, Kenny Gustafson, and 

Coach Sandy Zensen. 

lo Christ above all 

The Bryan Center 
for Critical Thought and Practice 

Center for Origins Research 

Center for Law and Government 

Summit at Bryan College 

Passing the Baton International 

Dr. Charles Van Eaton, Director 

Center for Law & Government expands 

The Center for Law & Government has gone 
through a six-fold expansion to realize its potential 
as a Bryan College center. 
Originally an umbrella only for the Foundations 
Forum where legislators from across the country came to 
Bryan for a legislative summit (in which students had no 
active part) the center now embraces a wide range of dis- 
cipline-oriented forums that are integral to a student's 
learning in pre-law, governmental, and interdisciplinary 

Forums in leadership, as well as those focusing on the 
international and governmental spheres, have been added. 
The Commoner Forum, a student-led vehicle in which the 
burning social issues of the day are discussed from the 

Christian perspective, has been brought under the center's 
leadership, and a unit specializing in the Scopes Trial play 
and film has been formed. 

This latter enterprise is actively engaged in countering 
the myth of "Inherit the Wind" through reenactments 
and, hopefully, a professional filming of the Scopes Trial, 
as well as lectures and symposia. Law schools and bar 
association meetings are the primary target audience for 
this assembly. 

A leadership team has been assembled by Director Dr. 
Ron Petitte which includes Dr. Bill Ketchersid, 
Government Forum; Ben Williams, Commoner Forum; 
and Dr. Richard Cornelius and Mr. Tom Davis, Scopes 

New finanicial aid available 

Academically qualified students with significant financial need may 
be able to take advantage of an innovative program that guaran- 
tees a financial aid package equivalent to the cost of tuition at 
Bryan College, Admissions Director Michael Sapienza has announced. 

The William Jennings Bryan Opportunity Program is an effort to 
ensure that financial need does not prevent otherwise qualified 
Tennessee high school graduates from attending Bryan. The new pro- 
gram is open to students who will graduate from high school in 2007 
and enter Bryan in August 2007. 

Mr. Sapienza said the William Jennings Bryan Opportunity Program 
"is a guarantee that eligible students will receive scholarship or grant 
funds which meet or exceed the cost of tuition at Bryan College. In 
many cases additional funds will be available to help offset the cost of 
room and board." 

To be eligible, students must apply before Dec. 31; complete the Free 
Application for Federal Student Aid by Feb. 15, 2007; be eligible for fed- 
eral aid; and have a total family income not greater than $35,000. 

Students who qualify for the program may remain eligible for up to 
four years by maintaining at least a 3.0 grade average on Bryan's 4.0 scale 
and maintaining current financial documentation each year. 

For complete information about the William Jennings Bryan 
Opportunity Program, visit the Bryan College web site at or contact the financial aid office at 423-775-7339. 

Zensen scores 
200th victory 

Dr. Sandy Zensen, Bryan's 
head soccer coach and 
athletics director, was hon- 
ored Nov. 1, for his 200th coaching 

Bryan President Dr. Stephen D. 
Livesay pointed out that the land- 
mark victory came over conference 
foe King College. But, he added, 
Dr. Zensen "is not just about the 
wins, but about the players." 

As st. Coach Michael Palmer said 
in the years he has worked with Dr. 
Zensen he has seen a man able to 
balance his drive for success with a 
desire to conduct himself in a 
Christ-like manner. 

Dr. Zensen thanked his wife, 
Sharon, for her support and the 
"500 or so players who have walked 
these halls." In accepting a plaque 
from Dr. Livesay, he said, "All glory 
goes to God." 

Bryan Life 19 

faculty/staff -q Qfpc 

Dr. Paul Boling, Mr. John Carpenter, 
Dr. Bill Ketchersid, Dr. Drew 
Randle, Mr. John Stonestreet, and 
Dr. Jack Traylor were named to Who s 

Who Among America s Teachers 
2005/2006. Dr. Boling presented a 
paper titled "Animals, the Fall, and 
Pain" at the Evangelical Philosophical 
Society meeting in November. 

Mr. Matt Bollant and Mr. Don 
Rekoske spoke to the Dayton Rotary 
Club about the women's and men's bas- 
ketball teams and their programs. 

Mr. Alan Corlew had an article tided 
"Schleiermacher and Romanticism: 
Ignored Antecedent of 
Postmodernism?" published in the 
October British journal Christianity and 

Dr. Jud Davis presented a paper titled 
"Where is the Garden of Eden? A 
Biblical Study of Rivers and Paradise in 
the Bible" at the Evangelical 
Theological Society meeting in 

Dr. Steve DeGeorge presented five 
seminars for the Association of 
Christian Schools International Eastern 
Europe Teachers' Convention in 
Budapest, Hungary, and led the faculty 
in-service for Harvest Christian School, 
Watauga, Texas, in August. 

Mr. Stefon Gray and Mr. Jason 

Wasser co-presented the new 
Microsoft VISTA and Office 2007 pro- 
grams at the Appalachian College 
Association Summit in October. 

Ms. Jan Green and Ms. Tami 
Tullberg attended the Tennessee 
Association of College Stores annual 
meeting in Nashville, Tenn., in 
October. Ms. Tullberg, a member of 
the board, received a certificate of 
appreciation for her service. 

Dr. Jeff Myers in Korea 

Mrs. Beth Hixson has been promoted 
from financial services clerk to financial 
aid counselor in the Financial Aid 

Dr. Beth Impson had a review of 
Joshua Wolf Shenk's book, Lincoln's 
Melancholy: How Depression Challenged 
a President and Fueled His Greatness. 
published in the October issue of 
Touchstone: The Journal of Mere 

Miss Laura Kaufmann served as a 
panelist at the Tennessee Independent 
Colleges and Universities Association 
library directors meeting in Nashville; 
attended the TENN-Share state con- 
sortium meeting with Mrs. Vonnie 
Johnson and Mrs. Keri-Lynn 
Paulson, both in September; and 
served as the Tennessee representative 
to the Bowen Central Library of 
Appalachia Council in Knoxville in 

Dr. Doug Kennard attended the BSG: 
A Creationist Biology Study Group 
conference at Cedarville University in 

June and presented a paper titled 
"Biblical Anthropology as a Creation 
and Revelation Framework for Doing 
Bio-Ethics: With a Focus on Soul, Life, 
and Person." He presented papers titled 
"Melchizedek" and "Second Temple" at 
the Evangelical Theological Society, and 
moderated two sessions during the 
meeting in November. 

Dr. Bill Ketchersid traveled with a 
group of Appalachian College 
Association professors to Greece in 
May and June. In late June he was a fel- 
low at a Salzburg, Austria, Seminar on 
"The Transatlantic Divide: Myths, 
Realities, and Business as Usual." 

Dr. Ray Legg presented a paper titled 
"The Object of Their Affection: The 
Marginalization of Character and 
Narrative in the Film Adaptation of 
Their Eyes Were Watching God' at the 
Southwest Conference on Christianity 
and Literature /Inscription Conference 
in September at Abilene Christian 

20 Christ above all 

Dr. Phil Lestmann participated in 
Scriptorium 2006 in May, a public 
recitation from memory of the New 
Testament, in Hanibal, Mo. He also 
attended the Appalachian College 
Association Teaching and Learning 
Institute at Brevard College in Brevard, 
N.C., in June. 

Dr. Stephen Live say attended the 
International Institute for Christian 
Studies conference in Kansas City, 
Kan., in July. 

Drs. David and Sigrid Luther were 
guest musicians at Lynn Haven United 
Methodist Church in Panama City, Fla., 
in July. Dr. David Luther has been 
selected for inclusion in the Manchester 
Who s Who Among Christian Leaders and 
Professionals. He performed as a soloist 
in Handel's Messiah in Chattanooga in 

Dr. Sigrid Luther has had a story pub- 
lished in College Faith Vol. 3. She was 
guest clinician for the Tidewater Music 
Teachers Forum in Virginia Beach, Va., 
in October, and played harpsichord for 
Handel's Messiah in Chattanooga in 

Mr. Bruce Morgan and three students 
attended the National Christian 
Multicultural Student Leaders 
Conference at Cedarville University in 
November. While there, they visited the 
National Underground Railroad 
Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Dr. Jeff Myers spoke to six groups in 
South Africa in August; delivered the 
keynote address to the Homeschool 
Legal Defense Association's conference 
in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and in 
Nashville, Tenn., in September; hosted 
the Wisdom Trek conference for 
Passing the Baton International in 
Rome, Ga.; spoke to the Association of 
Christian Schools International (ACSI) 
student leadership conference in Sharp 

Top Cove, Ga., and at Ridgecrest, N.C., 
in October. In November he spoke at 
the ACSI student leadership conference 
in Lynchburg, Va., and was keynote 
speaker for the Alabama Baptist 
Pastor's Conference in Birmingham, the 
ACSI teacher convention in 
Washington, DC, and the International 
Christian Schools student leadership 
conference in Seoul, Korea. 

Miss Michele Pascucci spent two 
weeks in Salamanca, Spain, this summer 
doing research for her dissertation. She 
attended the annual conference of the 
American Association of Teachers of 
Spanish & Portuguese in Salamanca, 
and spent fall break in Mexico doing 
research for her dissertation. 

Miss Christy Rodenbeck has been 
named director of the Athletic Training 
Education Program. 

Dr. Roger Sanders published a 
research article in August on the classi- 
fication of the shrub verbenas. 

Mr. John Stonestreet spoke at Summit 
Ministries Student Leadership 
Conference in Manitou Springs, Colo.; 
led the teacher in-service program at 
Vacaville, Calif, Christian Academy; 
and at the Grace Christian School high 
school retreat in Staunton, Va., in 
August. In September he spoke on 
worldviews, culture and bioethics at a 
Christianity and Culture conference and 
spoke at Garden Valley Bible Church in 
Garden Valley, Texas; and spoke at the 
Homeschool Legal Defense Association 
National Meeting in Franklin, Tenn. He 
spoke at Timothy Christian School, 
Newark, N.J.; at the ACSI Southeast 
Regional Convention in Greensboro, 
N.C.; at Charles Finney Christian 
School in Rochester, N.Y.; at the Fall 
Conference on Theology and Life at 
Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church, 
Greenville, S.C.; at the ACSI Southeast 
Region Senior High Leadership 

Conference at Sharp Top Cove, Ga.; at 
the Community Christian School in 
Fort Dodge, Iowa; and at the world- 
view workshop at First Evangelical Free 
Church in Fort Dodge. In November 
he spoke at ACSI senior high leadership 
conferences in New Jersey and 
Pennsylvania and the teacher's conven- 
tion in Washington, DC. 

Dr. Jack Traylor published a review of 
Death Rode the Rails: American 
Railroad Accidents and Safety, 1 828- 
1965, by Mark Aldrich, in History: 
Reviews of New Books. He and Mrs. 
Karin Traylor attended the annual con- 
ference of the Western History 
Association in St. Louis, in October. 

Dr. Ken Turner presented a paper 
titled "When Does God Circumcise the 
Heart in Israel's Restoration from 
Exile? Deuteronomy 30: 1-10 and its 
Implications for the Christian Doctrine 
of Salvation" at the Evangelical 
Theological Society meeting in 

Dr. Cal White attended the fall Dean's 
meeting of the Appalachian College 
Association at Pipestem State Park in 
West Virginia in October. 

Dr. Mel Wilhoit was host for a presen- 
tation by Ms. Judy Still, daughter of 
William Grant Still, America's first suc- 
cessful African- American composer, in 

Dr. Todd Wood, president of the 
BSG: A Creation Biology Study Group, 
attended the organization's conference 
at Cedarville University in June, where 
he spoke about fossil whales. He spoke 
to the Rhea County Historical and 
Genealogical Society meeting in 
November about the new Henning 
Museum of Natural History. 

Bryan Life 21 


1950s %;. 

CHARLES, '52, and Alice 
KOONTZ recently were given the 
Mary Louise Lowe Award, presented 
for significant contributions to the 
pro-life movement in Kosciusko 
County, Ind. Charles and Alice were 
recognized for the "major impact 
through their commitment of hours 
of work behind the scenes and their 
biblical convictions to the sanctity of 
life." Charles and Alice are retired and 
live in Winona Lake, Ind. 

JIM PITTS, '56, reports that rather 
than moving from their ministry with 
the Children's Haven of Morocco as 
planned, he has been asked to serve 
again as director following the resig- 
nation of the man who had been 
called to succeed him in that post. He 
and his wife, Barbara, visited the 
States for medial treatment earlier this 
year with excellent results. 

1970s %; 

JOYCE (BUICE), '70x, and John 
LARRABEE are living in Hiawassee, 
Ga., during their furlough from serv- 
ice in Brazil. Joyce is teaching fifth 
grade in nearby Morgan ton, Ga., and 
John will travel, visiting supporting 
churches and speaking. 

'79, has become a licensed profes- 

sional counselor in Tennessee. In 
addition to her work with AAA 
Women's Services in Chattanooga, 
Tenn., she is developing a private- 
counseling practice. 

1980s i) 

Patton Family 

ANDY, '83, and CAROL (PER- 

SIANI), '85, PATTON are missionar- 
ies with ABWE in the Upper Amazon 
region of Peru. They have six chil- 
dren, ages 7 to 14. They returned to 
the U.S. in April after having served 
for 2 1/2 years as short-term mission- 
aries. Andy worked in sports evangel- 
ism, counseling, teaching at the Bible 
institute, youth ministries, river out- 
reach, and building unity among the 
churches. Carol home schooled the 
children, helped in the deaf ministry, 
and helped organize a homeschooler's 
co-op for missionary families of the 
area. They are back in the U.S. to 
raise support and to get some more 
training, including Spanish training 
for Carol. They hope to return to 
Peru by mid-2007. 


reports that his revised Ph.D. thesis 
was published as a Paternoster 
Theological Monograph (Paternoster 
Press) in 2004 under the title A 
Theology of Work: Work and the New 
Creation. In 2006 he published The 
Heavenly Good of Earthly Work with 
Paternoster UK and Hendrickson U.S. 
Darrell has also been appointed co- 
chair of the theology section for an 
international multidisciplinary venture 
"The Theology of Work Project." 
Darrell; Kristy; Brenton, 12; and 
Kayleigh, 10, continue to live in 
Glasgow, Scotland, where Darrell is 
lecturer in theology and ethics at the 
International Christian College. 

reports that she has begun writing 
regular features for the Albany, N.Y., 
Times Union after the paper published 
an essay she wrote about Jane 
Austen's Pride and Prejudice. She is 
working on a book about her experi- 
ences as a missionary kid in Congo, 
and has joined the New York State 
Writer's Group, headed by William 
Kennedy. Evelyn lives in Albany with 
her husband, Mark, and their three 
sons, Mark, 9; Tyler, 7; and Hunter, 5. 

TITUS, '85, and Anya HANHAM 
announce the birth of their third son, 
Stephen Andrew, on Sept. 25, 2006, in 
Helsinki, Finland. Stephen weighed 8 
lbs. and was 20 inches long. He joins 
big brothers David and Jonathan. 

22 Christ above all 


attended homecoming in October and 
reported that Eternal Word 
Communication Ministries, which he 
and his wife, Chinyere, established in 
1994, is growing dramatically in 
Nigeria. The ministry opened a 
Christian school in Nigeria in 1999, 
with six students. Today there are 
more than 600 students in kinder- 
garten through 9th grade, and plans 
are to add a grade each year to 12th 
grade. Vincent said Muslims are 
building Islamic schools throughout 
Nigeria, and his goal is to equip 
nationals with a Christian education 
to counteract that trend. 

TOM SHANLEY, '89, has become 
area executive with Volkswagen of 
America, Inc., in Phoenix, Ariz., after 
working 1 6 years with 
DaimlerChrysler. Tom said he and his 
wife, Jennifer, son Trent, 7, and 
daughter, Sara, 5, will miss New 
Jersey, but are looking forward to get- 
ting settled in their new home. He 
said he and Bryan friends SCOTT 
'93; KEN SMITH, '89; and DAN 
HARRINGTON, '80; still get 
together every year to reminisce about 
their time at Bryan. 

KIM (ESUCHANKO), '89, and 

Brian RHODES bought their first 
house this summer and now live at 
45775 Joseph St, Shelby Twp, MI 
48317. Brian works for their church 
as the head custodian and Kim works 
for her dad in pension administration. 
They and their two cats are settling 
into their new house nicely. 


1990s •;. 

(YORK), '91, 

and Jeff 

traveled to 
China in July 
2005 to adopt 
a daughter, 
Nicole, now 
Kailian Blohm 2, and 

returned home to Kountze, Texas, 
just three weeks before they had to 
evacuate because of Hurricane Rita. 
Fawn has quit her job as a research 
associate to be a stay-at-home mom. 
They sustained only slight damage 
from the storm. 

RONA (HALCOMB), '91, and Rick 
KIRBY announce the births of their 
daughters, Reagan Elisabeth, on June 
17, 2005, and Lander Paige, on 
September 13, 2006. The Kirby family 
lives in Anderson, S.C., where Rick is 
executive director of a residential fos- 
ter home for children who have 
endured abuse and/or neglect. Rona 
is a stay-at-home mom who assists 
Rick, calling on her experience at 
another children's home before her 

DEREK, '92x, and CANDACE 
(ROCKEY), '91, REAM announce 
the birth of their fourth child, Jordan 
Elyse, on March 29, 2006. Jordan 
weighed 9 lbs., 12, oz., and was 21 
inches long. She joins sister Danielle, 
11, and brothers Ben, 8, and Caleb, 3. 
The Ream family lives in Nottingham, 

ANDREA MOORE, '98, recently 
wrote to say that she and David 
Miller were married April 14, 2001, 
and are the parents of two boys, Silas, 
3, and Levi, 1. The Miller family lives 
in Eagle Rock, Va. 

Dr. DAN, '94, and KIMBERLEE 
(HAYS), '95, TERRY announce the 
birth of their son, Zachery Daniel, on 
Sept. 25, 2006. Zachery weighed 8 
lbs., 9 oz. He joins big sister Hanna 
Rose, almost 2. Proud grandparents 
are DALE, '68, and CAROLYN 
(CRANDALL), '70, HAYS. The 
Terry family lives in Blaine, Wash. 

Hanna and Zachery Terry 

MANDY (WILLS), '98, and Joel 
HERPOLSHEIMER announce the 

birth of their 
i first child, 
Tyler. Tyler 
I weighed 8 
lbs., 5 oz., 
and was 21 
inches long. 
Mandy has 
left her job 




Tyler Herpolsheimer 
at an insurance agency to be a work- 
at-home mom. Joel is a design manag- 
er for a tool and die shop. The 
Herpolsheimer family lives in Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Bryan Life 23 

Levi and Jude Mitchell 

JARET, '99, and SARAH (HESS), 

'01 MITCHELL announce the adop- 
tion of their two sons, Levi Gustavo 
and Jude Andres. Levi and Jude were 
born Sept. 28, 2005, and adopted 
June 8, 2006. The Mitchell family lives 
in Stowe, Pa. 

MICAH, '98, and JOHANNA 

(ZIEG), '97, GELATT announce 

the birth of their | 

daughter, Emma 

Kay, on Nov. 10, 

2006. Emma 

weighed 4 lbs., 

11 oz., and was 

17 1/2 inches 

long. She joins 

big brothers 

Josiah, 4, and Ethan, 2. 

Josiah, Ethan and 
Emma Gelatt 

AMANDA KIRBY, '99x, and Dale 
McCaw were married June 1 6, 2006, 
in Englewood, Colo. Dale is a private 
first class in the Marine Corp and is 
stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C. He 
expects to be deployed to Korea in 
the spring. 



2000s %; 

MINDY (BAKER), '00, and Peter 

MCKECHNIE announce the birth 
of their son, Baker Rocket, on Aug. 
31, 2006. The McKechnie family lives 
in Tulsa, Okla. 

Baker McKechnie 

SHERI (TILLEMANS), '00, and 

Joshua STERNKE announce the 
birth of their second child, Naomi 
Kay, on Sept. 5, 2006. Naomi was 7 
lbs., 13 oz. She joins big brother, 
Justin Joshua, 2. Josh is a lab techni- 
cian at ADM in Marshall, Minn. Sheri 
is a full-time mom and would love to 
hear from her classmates! Please write 
to josheri(a) y iwnet. 

MICHELLE RICH, '00, and Lee 

Crumley III were married Sept. 1 6, 
2006, in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

'00x, was a brides- 
maid. Michelle 
works at First 
Church in 
Chattanooga as 
the world missions 
assistant. Lee is a 
trainer at Shaw 
Industries in 
Dalton, Ga. 
Michelle and Lee 
live in Ringgold, Ga. 

Lee and Michelle 

DAVID ARUTE, <03, is a residential 
life coordinator at Southern Wesleyan 
University in Central, S.C. He said 
Central is so small it makes Dayton 
look like a metropolis. 

POLLY REVIS, '04, has completed 
her Academic Certificate in Library 
Information Technology. This was an 
1 8-credit program, which she com- 
pleted online through the University 
of Kentucky. Polly is cataloging and 
acquisitions assistant for the Bryan 



CREEL, both '05, 

announce the birth 

of their son, Josiah 

Paul, on Sept. 3, 

2006. Josiah 

weighed 7 lbs., 12 

oz., and was 21 

inches long. The 

Creel family lives in Dayton, Tenn. 

Josiah Creel 

Sternke Family 

24 Christ above all 

Jorje Vallejo 

Jorje Vallejo, '06, has joined the 
Philadelphia, Pa., staff of the 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes as an 
area representative, working with Area 
Director Terry Hill, '71, and 
Kimmie Hill, '03. 

CLEON, '05, and Damaris 
ROGERS live in Bessemer, Ala., and 
Cleon is attending the University of 
Alabama-Birmingham Medical 
School. He said his classes at Bryan 
have proven very helpful in his med- 
ical studies so far. "I am way better 
prepared than a lot of my class- 
mates," he said. They are working 
with the junior high ministry of their 

BILLY, '06, and Sarah ANAYA have 
moved to Henderson, Nevada where 
Billy is a designer for an engineering 

With the Lord 

WAYNE COLVIN, '35, of Dayton, 
Tenn., died Nov. 6. 2006. He is sur- 
vived by his wife, Alemeda Colvin; chil- 
dren Leroy Colvin, ALICE HURLEY, 
'69, MARY HOLMES, '70x, Frank 
Colvin, Steve Colvin, Danny Colvin, 
and Tim Colvin; 23 grandchildren 
including SARAH HURLEY and 
ANDREW HURLEY, both '98. 

ANGIE GARBER, '47, of 
Westerville, Ohio, died Oct. 14, 2006. 

Rev. KEN CAMPBELL, '56, died 
Aug. 28, 2006, in Delta, British 
Columbia, Canada. He is survived by 
four daughters, JENNIE CAMP- 
BELL, '80x; Annette Campbell; Kathy 
Campbell; and Shelly Campbell; and 
son David Campbell. 

sorry, lions not invited 


Winter Park, CO 

MLK weekend Su g ar Mtn -> NC 

Feb. 17 

Bryan Life 25 

Wilhoit exhibit features capitols 

Dayton artist Susan Cassidy 
Wilhoit, '05 Honorary, will 
exhibit 25 original water- 
colors from her new series, "The 
Magnificent 50" in the Bryan library 
Jan. 28 through February 2007. 

"The Magnificent 50" is a collec- 
tion of paintings of the 50 state 
capitols. This series, still being com- 
pleted, is the first by a painter to 
document these historic buildings. 
The exhibition will be open to 
the public during regular library 


Wilhoit with U.S. Senator Lindsey 
Graham of South Carolina 

Attention alumni! 

Warren Cole, Alumni Coordinator 
Winter/Spring Schedule 


St. Petersburg, FL 

Winter Park, CO (i2th-i6th) 

Jacksonville, FL 

Dallas, TX 

Miami, FL 

Greenville-Spartanburg, SC 


Grand Rapids, MI 


Charlotte, NC 

Nashville, TN 

Chicago, IL 


Washington, D.C. (3rd-4th) 


Westmont, NJ (5th) 

Golden Reunion at Bryan 

Orlando/ Tampa, FL 

College (4th-6th) 

If you are interested in 

meeting with Warren while 

he is in your neighborhood, 

call 423.775.7323 

or email 

2 b Christ above all 

honor and memory m-f+c 

received from 

in memory of 

received from 

in memory of 

Charles and Theda Thomas 

Charlotte Humphreys 

Matthew and Monique Gordon 

Vivian Walvatne 

Grace Bible Church XYZ Seniors 

Rosalie Rahn 

Joseph Kenyon 

Vivian Walvatne 

Paul and Jane Ardelean 

Rosalie Rahn 

Elton and Betty Jacobson 

Vivian Walvatne 

Howard Fenner 

Lawrence Smith 

Quentin and Norma Matthes 

Vivian Walvatne 

Delora McDaniel and family, 

Miriam Levengood 

Naomi Davey 

Shirley Pillow and family, 

Robert and Evelyn Wykstra 

Naomi Davey 

Arlan and Pam Fletcher, 

Chan and Barbara Prosser 

Naomi Davey 

Jeff Fletcher and family, 

Serge Yurovsky 

John Spracklin 

Debbie Waters and family 

Lawrence Smith 

Matthew and Yaunette Davie s 

John Spracklin 

Virginia R. Smith 

Lawrence Smith 

Matthew and Tiffany Bryan 

John Spracklin 

Tom and Donna Gawlak 

Lawrence Smith 

Chan and Barbara Prosser 

Edward de Rosset 

Jeff and Darlene Bruehl 

Lawrence Smith 

Charles and Theda Thomas 

Jennings Sneed 

Grace Bible Church Deaconesses 

Lawrence Smith 

Paul and Delana Bice 

Estelle Walker Haynes 

Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc., 

Jim and Priscilla Anderson 

Harriet Anderson 

National Board of Directors 

Nick Senter 

Shirley H. Grant 

Nick Senter 

in honor of 

Erwin Latimer 

Nick Senter 

Jim and Priscilla Anderson 

Dr. John Anderson 

John T Lupton 
Ronnie and Me 
Paul and Jane A 
Mark and Jenife 
Ervin Walvatne 
Craig Walvatne 
Joel and Diane Walvatne 

Ronnie and Melody Swygert 

Betty Senter 

Paul and Jane Ardelean 

Lillie Nothnagel 

Mark and Jenifer Christiaanse 

Dona Meznar 

Ervin Walvatne 

Vivian Walvatne 

Craig Walvatne 

Vivian Walvatne 

Nick Senter 
Betty Senter 
Lillie Nothn; 
Dona Mezns 
Vivian Walvs 
Vivian Walvs 
Vivian Walvatne 

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Editorial Office Bryan CoW 
Dayton, Tennessee '. 




Stephen D. Livesay 


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Rachel Evans 

Vice President for Advancemei 

Robert F. Davis 

Director of Development/Planned Givin 

Jim Barth 

Coordinator of Alumni Relations 

Warren Cole 

Database & Office Manager 

Janice Pendergrass 

Advancement Assistant 

Tracey Bridwell 

Office Assistant and Event Planner 

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